Acne prone skin

Once excess sebum is unable to reach the surface of the skin, and is trapped under the pore, acne ensues. Acne is a complex skin disorder with multiple components. That is why most people need a multi-component regimen.

Salicyclic Acid and Benzoyl peroxide are two important medicines used in the first step of acne treatment. Whereas salicyclic acid works on the oil, benzoyl peroxide works as an antimicrobial, killing the bacteria known to contribute to acne formation.

Depending on the level of oil one produces a combination of cleansers and toners are recommended. I recommend starting out with a salicyclic acid cleanser in the morning, such as the Elavo Beta Cleanser, and using toners at the end of the day. This regimen allows for salicyclic acid to dissolve the excess sebum, decreasing the chance of clogging pores.

The next step is to introduce benzoyl peroxide, a powerful antimicrobial agent. I prefer serums and lotions over gels, which can be very drying. I also recommend not exceeding 5%, as the 10% formulation can be irritating to the skin. It is best used after cleaning the face with the salicylic acid toner or wash.

No acne treatment regimen is complete without sunscreen! Acne is a highly inflammatory skin condition that can lead to scarring– both texturally and color. To prevent healing with brown spots, sunscreen must be used diligently. I recommend spf 30 or above. Also the formulation of the sunscreen is important. Non-comedogenic lotions are much preferred to thick creams, which can plug the pores and lead to even more acne. Elavo Solar Defense has spf 30 and a light texture and completes your acne regimen.