Oily skin

Accumulation of sebum, the  natural oil of our body, on the skin is one of the most common complaints a dermatologist tackles. Unfortunately, there is no one easy solution or product that can fix this problem. I always start my patients on a number of skin care products and adjust the frequency of use depending on the results. Salicyclic acid and fruit enzymes are my initial go-to ingredients when treating oily skin.

Salicyclic Acid, a beta-enzyme, is oil soluble and acts almost like a detergent. It gently strips away the sebum that is sitting on top of the pores.

The fruit enzymes allow for deeper penetration as they work at removing the dead skin layer on top of the skin.

Cleansers are better if you have a combination of dry and oily skin. Whereas toners are more effective for very oily skin. Often patients need a combination. I recommend Elavo Beta Cleanser as a total face wash, and toner on just the T-zone or other very oily parts of the face.

My second step is to add a scrub like Elavo Keratin Scrub. The microcrystals can be an essential aid in mechanically removing the oily residue as well as dead skin cells. People who are prone to have very dry skin should be careful using the scrub.